51 tracks, 29 minutes

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Here are some songs to fit in between switching the Facebook status and remembering to breathe.

The aptly-titled Short Attention Span gathers 51 contributions of tracks of less then a minute from a wide range of underground names and unknowns, including The Death Set, Total Abuse, Foot Village, Best Fwends, Pens, Vivian Girls (with a “hardcore remix” of “Snack Attack”), and Mutators. But the weirdo mystery tracks outnumber the popular kids, and the whole collection encapsulates so many corners of the same few genres that you could think the thing a completist overview of the various dank corners of punk, garage and hardcore bubbling over these days, if it weren't for the fact that the thing could work just as well as an ongoing series (and let's hope it is).

If that's not impressive enough, the collection was largely orchestrated by one 17-year old in England named Harry Hunt who also makes zines, so let's hope the Methodist Leisure Inc. comp is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship between brilliantly free short shit and you.

Download the comp here.