Diamond District means business

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Diamond District pays respect to the streets of New York circa 1994 with its debut In The Ruff.

Washington D.C. trio Diamond District dedicated its debut to one of hip hop's most treasured eras. For many purests this is what is missing from current hip hop – cutthroat street rap with chilling samples and dirty organic drums. Y.U., Odissee and X.O. claim that D.C. missed the boat on contributing to the 90s east coast canon, so their debut is a stimulus package.

Initially In The Ruff was a free download, so with its retail release the group added two songs and stamped a parental advisory sticker on the cover. That's correct, the original download was edited. What the kcuf, right? Now you can enjoy the true rough and ruggedness of Diamond District like an adult.

That's not the only free sh*t Diamond District is offering. Click here and you can download a mixtape mixed by DJ Buddy. I don't think I need to remind you these cats mean business. Seriously, do not sleep on this mini-mix, it will have you nostaglic like a motherf*cker.

In The Ruff is out October 27 on Mellow Music Group.