Andrei Eremin x Fractures, “Ghosts”

Sjimon Gompers

Andrei Eremin

Australia's Andrei Eremin and the icebergs. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Australian producer Andrei Eremin has cut his teeth working as a producer for the likes of Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung, and now features the paranormal protocols of “Ghosts”, the result of a collaboration with Fractures' Mark Zito. The song was born out of Eremin's hand in the upcoming Fractures EP, slated for July 4 release, while the following synthesized sonic specter will be released June 30. The blend of nature sounds caught from the field, meet the perks of studio strings and electronic appliances from the Melbourne methods.

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On “Ghosts”, Andrei starts a warped key loop over the tape captured movement of running water. From here, Eremin arranges the dramatic presences of strings and four quarter club beats that are used like a narrative component. Mark from Fractures takes inventory of the things that shape character, under oath and placing vows of love and loyalty. The “I” statements are given their own thematic score, where Andrei wraps well sewn security blankets around Mark's litany of statements in verse. “I will wait for the sun to fall, 'til I smell your skin, I've been waiting for the phones to call, I will wear you thin.” On “Ghosts”, honesty, ethics, and atmospheres are tethered and tied together on the same electronic playing field.

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