Beautiful Dudes, “Fighter/Singer”

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Nevada City, California’s garage/punk rock band Beautiful Dudes – comprised of Tom Bevitori, Art Echternacht, Robbie Landsburg, and Jonah Wells – has been through a lot to get to their self-titled debut, out October 28th. Namely, frontman Tom Bevitori, who wrote these songs out of some massive struggle through Crohn’s Disease, alcoholism, and the breaking down of his previous marriage, and then found solace in his life after the storm. Their newest single, “Fighter/Singer” is available here exclusively.

Heavy guitars, percussion that doesn’t quit, and reverb that makes it all come together. This song finds its inspiration not only in the garage and 90’s punk rock they claim to have found their sound in, but there is also a great deal of 70’s psychedelic rock to be claimed here. Tom’s vocals come through – almost as though with a slight foreign accent – and we’re transported to a hazy dream of well-composed instrumentals and slightly melancholic lyrics that make this song so, so beautiful.

Beautiful Dudes is out October 28th. Look for it here.