Paper Pilots, “The Weather” (Juno Ray Remix)

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Although we experience an extraordinary pop rock infused sound – with hints of inspiration from Death Cab for Cutie and other indie pop influences – from Paper Pilots‘ original recording of “The Weather”, the band has approved several remixes of the track, highlighting the talents of several electronic artists. We didn’t quite know what to expect from the Juno Ray remix of the track, but we’re big fans.

The song is sped up, almost completely void of the rock sound we heard previously. The beat just makes you want to dance – as opposed to the slow hip swaying mentality of the original – and the added electronic instrumentals bring with them a twinkling, high-intensity sound. The remix also provides more reverb, which gives us an icy feel while listening to lyrics such as “it’s getting cold, aren’t you seeing me breathing,” providing us the perfect song for the dropping temperatures outside.

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