Black Dynamite explodes this fall

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If you are a sucka for Blaxploitation and you haven’t seen the trailer for Black Dynamite,
well, you’ve been living under the biggest rock known to man. I’m
here to tell you, that Scott Sanders’s Blaxploitation comedy (I
wouldn’t even say spoof, this is the real deal) is going to be a cult
classic for the ages. It premiered at this year’s Sundance Film
, and the trailer has been blowing up on YouTube ever since.
Watch the trailer below, you’ll see what I’m saying.

the real treat behind the film is the original score by Adrian Younge,
who by chance, is also the film’s editor. Owning one of the few fully
operational analog studios in L.A., the man with the plan lays down a
healthy dose of organ-heavy, raw throwback soul. Now you may ask, who
is going to release this nugget of funk inspired soul? None other than Wax
, who will drop a limited edition release of 2000, hand-numbered copies on wax,
and of course, the ol’ compact disc. Well played, Wax Poetics, well played.

Adrian Younge, “Shot Me in the Heart”