Childbirth, “Let’s Be Bad”

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The newest Childbirth track begins with a bitter guitar riff and a whispered suggestion: “Let’s be bad.” If you’re familiar with previous songs from this Seattle trio (“How Do Girls Even Do It?” and “Nasty Grrls”), you’d be less surprised to hear that their particular list of rule-breaking includes: springing on dessert, being late for work, ordering white wines, and wearing skirts that barely fit. Childbirth is a funny band. Its members hail from other punk bands known to play with a smirk (Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Pony Time). While the band definitely comes from a place of humor and the cover for their upcoming debut LP Women’s Rights features a hand holding a glass of wine, pinky out, this levity doesn’t take away from how seriously they rock. The song hits you with a dark punchline (“Let’s be bad / I’ve got a gun”) before it falls apart in a chaotic, uproarious ending.

Women’s Rights comes out October 2 on Suicide Squeeze.