CHLLNGR remixes Zach Hill

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CHLLNGR's modus operandi is the pursuit of collaboration, a never-ending quest for inspiration from musicians on this planet and beyond.

A former Sacramento resident, CHLLNGR remixed “The Primitives Talk” off Zach Hill's Face Tat record from 2010. The remix is a long time coming as Steven Borth (CHLLNGR) and Hill first met as record store employees in Sacramento and have not collaborated since the first Holy Smokes album and Hill's solo debut Astrological Sraits. While Zach Hill's signature drumming style is not quite present on the original version of “The Primitive Talks,” it's even further removed on the CHLLNGR remix.

Zach Hill – Primitives Talk remix by CHLLNGR from Electron Gun on Vimeo.

Still no word as to when CHLLNGR will compile his laundry list of collaborations and remixes into a debut record on Green Owl.