Cryptic One returns with FYSM

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Cryptic One

Atoms Family was a rap collective that occupied the New York City tri-state area in the early Aughts. At its largest it consisted of 30 members, but the core consisted of eight members who started their own label, Centrifugal Phorce Records. The high water mark for Atoms Family came with the signing of the groups Cannibal Ox and Hanger 18 to Definitive Jux, as well as a crew appearance on the track “Mic Molest” on the Definitive Jux Presents II label compilation. Somewhat left outside the crew's association to Definitive Jux is Cryptic One, a core member who continues to put music independently.

Earlier this month Cryptic One released FYSM, a nine-song cycle that proves the rapper/producer has kept his swords sharp despite the dissolution of Atoms Family. Besides an appearance by Atoms Family/Hanger 18 member Alaska on “Stage Left”, Cryptic One handles the lionshare of FYSM. It's a heady collection that will appeal to old fans, while the jazzy/trouble funk accents in the production offer far softer tones than the experimental and cacophonous production often synonymous with early Atoms Fam compilations. Fans of current artists like YC the Cynic will respond to Cryptic's process of stringing yarns that question authority, question existence, and seek higher understanding in this unending condition of doom.

For more music from Cryptic One, listen further at this Bandcamp.