DJ Paypal preps album for Brainfeeder

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Currently, Brainfeeder is one of the most important music labels of 2015. There are no boundaries for a label that’s out to revitalize jazz and expand minds. Today, that breadth of Brainfeeder got even wider with the announcement of releasing Berlin-based footwork producer DJ Paypal’s next record, Sold Out.

DJ Paypal is a member of the Mall Music collective consisting of fellow norm-corporate monikers like DJ Mastercard and DJ Orange Julius. He’s also an overseas member of the worldwide footwork collective TEK Life, but the signing to Brainfeeder is a coup of a different color.

Debut track “Awakening” feels like the Fresh Air staff of NPR threw a coke party and Terry Gross is flexing hard behind the boards in a fever sweat to find a pacing that matches her heart rate. It’s “My Favorite Things” reimagined as “My Favorite Things on Amphetamines”. Has DJ Paypal sold out? Essentially it’s part of a linear dialogue between releases—his last being Buy Now—but if we trust Flying Lotus’ executive decisions (and we do!) then Sold Out is likely to be beyond the average footwork record.

DJ Paypal’s Sold Out is out November 13 on Brainfeeder.