Elliot & The Ghost Premiere “Turn Off Your Radar”, Share Behind the Scenes Look at Upcoming Music Video

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Brooklyn rock collective Elliot & The Ghost – comprised of William Thompson, Brett Giroux, Dan Edwards, and Connor Jones – is bringing dark, brooding sounds to a whole new level. Their sound came to be in dark corners of Brooklyn, with their initial performances being held in dive bars and lofts. Their music has a distinct “badass” vibe to it, making us want to walk a little taller to the beat. “Turn Off Your Radar” is their latest in a string of singles they’ve been releasing to rave reviews over the last year, and we’re convinced it’s their biggest yet.

The song is insane. Starting with a drum beat, “Turn Off Your Radar” wanes into a kind of surf pop sound momentarily, and then gunning right for a dark rock feel with the vocals. In fact, the vocals are tenebrous, raspier than a lot of Elliot & The Ghost’s prior work. Think a slightly toned down Marilyn Manson version of “Tainted Love”, with more of a devil-may-care attitude. Add in the tribal sounding percussion, and the fact that it takes front seat a couple of times is all too welcoming.

Needed more good in your life than just to hear their new track? Photographer Rick Perez followed the guys around as they shot the upcoming music video for “Turn Off Your Radar”. Here’s an exclusive behind the scenes look at what’s in store.

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