Filmmaker – ‘Somber Realm’

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Colombian producer conjures slithery, ominous dance bangers on latest LP

Filmmaker is a dark, experimental electronic producer hailing from Medellín, Colombia who dabbles in a wide palette of propulsive, dissonant IDM sounds. His tracks resemble ominous horror film scores mixed with glitchy modern tech-house; a heady blend of John Carpenter on Brainfeeder vibes, with a dash of kraut-infused Tangerine Dream airiness.

He’s released a couple slithery records already this year: Drainvoid, a “journey through interplanetary vampirism recorded with a guitar and a six-voice synth,” and Bunker Island, featuring “sounds from a vault of abduction…secret lab experiments in an isolated place in the middle of the sea.” And now he’s released another zoned-out, crunchy and haunting new album called Somber Realm, which he aptly describes as “nine tracks for haunting exploration.” It’s a skittering and slithery slice of modern experimental electronica with a vivid visual kick to it, and another solid entry to his discography. Like with all his records, Somber Realm is a deep-dive exploration on a special aspect of his sound, and another stunning sonic evolution for Filmmaker. Highlight tracks include the pulsating, staticky jam “Encounters” and the guttural, cosmic psych-dance banger “Emerging Alchemy.” You can purchase it HERE, and sample it below via Bandcamp.