Fred Paa Jord – “Bommer På Alt”

Aidan Grant

Photo by Maiken Larsen Solholmvik

Norwegian instrumental group conjures another wondrous, groovy composition

There are certain tracks that are just made for a certain time of year, and the new single from Norwegian outfit Fred Paa Jord is unfiltered, beer-in-hand summer bliss. Continuing their form after their stunning previous single, the Norwegian psych-outfit have dropped another beauty. Layered above what appears to be a sample from some kind of conference, the layers of guitar melodies flow effortlessly across new track “Bommer På Alt.” Subtle synth layers are soon added but never distract from the gorgeous groove of the song. 

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Based on an experience of one of the band members who attended a cult-like religious ceremony, it’s a track that’s full of lush nuances and gorgeous guitar riffs that perfectly buoy the vocals.

“This is about a sermon given by a controversial local religious cult leader. As he was speaking about the ongoing pandemic, vaccines, hell, chosen ones, alcohol, sex and transferring money to his bank account, I thought; hmm, he’s pretty much missing all the points(on my perception of) religion! Shouldn’t it be about freedom and peace etc.? His ranting was all about making people feel bad. No good. The preach audible in the recording, has no relation to the mentioned preacher. It’s just there to set the mood,” the Fred Paa Jord shared in a statement.

Give “Bommer På Alt” a spin below:

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