Jordana & Magdalena Bay – “Push Me Away”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising indie pop acts combine forces on infectious new collab anthem

Dallas indie pop musician Jordana and L.A. electro pop duo Magdalena Bay are a couple of our favorite rising artists in the game. Today the two acts have combined forces to release the catchy and futuristic collab anthem “Push Me Away” along with its dazzling DIY music video. The track – produced by EDM maestros Jai Wolf and MELVV and out via Grand Jury Music – is a tight alt pop gem that kickstarts with a rollicking bass guitar melody.

Jordana and MagBay’s Mica Tenenbaum trade off verses – each wowing with their own signature vocal bravado – as the track snowballs with towering synths and blaring ’90s-style indie rock guitar and into an absolutely hypnotic chorus. It’s a true treat for fans of both acts. And of course, whenever the DIY music video legends Magdalena Bay are involved in a song, you can count on there being an eye-popping clip to go along with it; mesmerizing green screen backdrops, staticky VHS-style effects and graphic overlays, Jordana shooting lasers out of her bass, and so much more.

“‘Push Me Away’ is a song written about one of my past friendships,” Jordana explained in a statement. “It was an extremely strenuous friendship with a major push/pull dynamic – this song is basically a stream of consciousness reflection on the experience.”

You can listen and watch the amazing music video below: