Kid Flicks, By Typing “I Talk”, You Don't Talk

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Nickos Dervisis gets his gears in motion.

Kid Flicks, bornNickos Dervisis, debuted with Hearts of Gold, and we have learned that his most recent album By Typing “I Talk”, You Don't Talk is available for stream on his Bandcamp with a CD/LP coming soon from Inner Ear Records.

The multi-talented and tasking Dervisis works in the mediums of graphic design, paints and musical crafts on canvases made by scratch from the conventions of guitars,bass, drums, mandolins, steeldrums, etc synthesized into new constructs of controlled oblivions.

You can hear the traditional strings strum away on the foot of You Don't Talk's mountainous precipice with “Eraser” that trades expectation for the analague-electro ziggurat. “The Sentence” is composed from the seas of processed keys sent to these fuzzed out audio syntax that exudes the catchy pop that you wish to be bombarded with from the lonely underwater record shops, the boarded up suburban strip malls to the overcrowded coporate shopping center plazas. The language mechanics lesson continues with the chime beat scuzz of “Semicolon”, hazed out “The Dirty Utopias”, the experimental “Sunken Palace” electro-Atlantis, and the indie Mediterranean disco of “Italian Girl”. Things get deep into the gradual, gravitational deep electro muck from “Xχτ” through the non stop pulse and “aahh” sustains of “Maria De Naglowska” to the towering all guns-at-once assualt from “Bombus”.

The closing high note of “You Never Know” takes the accumulation of everything we have loved from the global independent movements that have commited themselves to the cause of carving new sounds from minimal and traditional instrumental means.The stark simplicity of the album's finale of acoustic guitar, toy piano and khomus will remind you of the humble foundations that Nickos constructs new oppurtunities of potential and possibilities from adhering to the basic infinities from music's most rudimentary tenets.

Get your copy of the new Kid Flicks' album By Typing “I Talk”, You Don't Talk from Inner Ear Records.