Lil Wayne, Space Jam Martian

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Cover for Lil Wayne's Space Jam Martian Mixtape

Once again Lil Wayne makes so many songs that DJs have no choice but to collect them and give them away for free.

The music is good and all, as is typically the case with Dwayne, but really, look at that cover, it's gorgeous! I want to put on an art show of just mixtape covers, because they are the most complicated, creative and ridiculous pieces of art found in major media today (excluding anything Lady Gaga does). Don't get it confused though, the art is the icing here; the hot-assed music is the cake. It's a lot of his newest rap stuff, not a lot of his newest rock stuff, so it's definitely worth the download.

Download the whole mixtape here.

Tracklist for Space Jame Martian

1. Beehive Waist (feat. T Pain)
2. Whip It Like A Slave
3. Lights Fade
4. No Air (feat. Birdman, Jay Sean & Kevin Rudolph)
5. Damn Damn
6. All For You
7. Move It
8. Hit The Floor
9. Drop It
10. Otherside
11. Pass The Dutch
12. Wife Beater
13. Ms. Parker
14. Bring It Back
15. Streets Is Watching
16. Fuck Da Bullshit
17. Roger That
18. Payback
19. Paradise
20. On Fire
21. Knockout
22. Da Da Da
23. Hustle
24. Scared Money
25. Blinded
26. Women Lie
27. Fed Up