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dana vvssta album art

The home-made cover for dANA's latest, Vvssta.

dANA are a Bard-based band with ties to warped electronic projects in Brooklyn like Best Hits and GDFX. “Luv Express” is without question the banger on their most recent release, Vvssta (“Vista”), while tracks like “FBI Boys” carry the same synthesized West African drum circle gestures as recent Lucky Dragons. But dANA work a very wide range of styles into a relatively tight vessel of modulated synthesizers and drum machines. You could see this as another example of what happened to the kids a half-generation younger than Black Dice (“The Feel You Make”), or a logical progression to the wide appeal of High Place's communal cut-up performance (see dANA's more ambient moments). Either way, keep an eye out, this is just the tip of an iceberg of electrified oddities that'll pour out in the next few years from collectives at art colleges and hipster centrals nation-wide.

dANA, “Luv Express”

dANA, “FBI Boys”

dANA, “The Feel You Make”

Download Vvssta here.

And as noted above, dANA makes their own art. In addition to the cover, two more collages for the album:

Inside cover:

Second cover:

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