Matthew Dear, “Headcage”

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Headcage EP

Ghostly International recording artist and dark-pop maestro Matthew Dear guides us further into the unknown with the Headcage EP. Functioning as a lead-up to his full-length Beams, Dear's new appendage in the evolution of his black orchestrations is an openess to collaborate. The Headcage EP features contributions from Jonny Pierce of The Drums and co-production from Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid whose notable work includes Fever Ray, Glasser and Blonde Redhead.

On the EP's title track Dear conjures sounds similiar to Talking Head's “Listening Wind”, but dodges the atmospheric edge and steers it towards a healthy new wave frontier. His baritone plants debaucherous enticements in your ear to stay out late, like it was coming from that little devil on your left shoulder that wants what's best for your liver.

The Headcage EP is out January 17 on Ghostly.