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Philly's Cough Cool and the rad folks at Bathetic bestowed us the honor of streaming the band's debut Lately LP for an entire week. We suggest commencing seasonal slackerdom early to Lately. Wake and bake the week away to 37-miniutes of buzzing post-punk and slow-burning shoegaze. The LP marches across the ashes of lo-fi, making it one of the few survivors of the days of blistering scuzz. Much like Pure X's Pleasure LP was the ultimate comedown record, Cough Cool's Dan Svizeny is securing his place in your winter hibernation records rotation.


Cough Cool's Lately LP is out December 13 on Bathetic. The chance to enjoy the full album stream is over.
Cough Cool, Lately Track Listing:
01. Pete Perez
02. Got A Show
03. Sup Girls In The 60s
04. Watery Mirror
05. Months
06. Lately
07. Biggest Loser
08. July
09. Between Streets
10. UFO Tornado
11. Older
12. Back In Time
13. Wrong Songs
While you listen enjoy this brief interview with Dan Svizeny of Cough Cool.
This is a three-parter: How did you go about recording Lately? Is every track you or was some friendly assistance involved? What was the span of time in which Lately was recorded?
Lately is a totally portable record. It was recorded over the course of a year in an apartment and studio in Philadelphia, as well as my parents basement in New Hope, PA. Dan Svizeny and Jon Mack recorded the whole thing with no help from anyone, ever.
What are a few activities that a person could do while listening to your debut that would be beneficial in their enjoyment?
Jog on a treadmill at like a 5.5-6.5, don't push yourself too hard.
Are you worried the Grammy's will snub you, much like they did Kanye this year, since your releasing a record in December?
I was just looking for a contract extension. I'm cool with being snubbed by the grams as well as all of the other year end lists. It's December, stay inside and get chubby to this one. Forever lazy.
How did you link up with Bathetic for the debut on vinyl?
Cough Cool's Bathetic connects go way back to the beginning. I think “Buy Some Dust” was Bathetic 005? I just love they way Jon and WCW handle their business. Everything is first class, they don't fuck around. It's kind of like a marriage. I have been releasing tapes for the past two years so thankfully the Bathetic guys liked it enough to put it on vinyl.
Are there plans to tour in 2012?
I mainly just want to tour the northeast, and by tour I mean play a show then go sleep in my bed. If people really wanted us to play in far away lands we would make it work. I really want to go somewhere nice.
Is that you singing on “Biggest Loser”? You've got a kinda tame-Ozzie thing going on with the singing we've yet to hear before. What influenced you to sing it with that particular affectation?
100% authentic me on “Biggest Loser”. It's just the groove really. Not much work comes into the lyrics. We play the song and its like an on the spot kind of thing. I always sing about a fictitious “girl” because for some reason I think thats what all songs are about.

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