Mr. Chop flips Pete Rock classics

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Mr. Chop reminisces over Pete Rock's brilliance by re-imagining the #1 Soul Brother's classic production work through psychedelic fuzz funk and spacey jazz meditations.

We like to take you down memory lane with Friday Night. In order to do that this week, we're moving forward with two track from Mr. Chop's For Pete's Sake. Taken from Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's classic Mecca & The Soul Brother LP, we've got reworkings of “Straighten It Out” and “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.).” Recorded at his Cheshire, England-based Ape Studios, Mr. Chop collaborated with Heliocentrics members Malcolm Catto, Jake Ferguson and Mike Burnham to push these soulful cuts up from the dusty crates and into a futuristic funk journey.

Listening to the interpretation of “T.R.O.Y.” might be confusing at first. Mr. Chop and his Heliocentric comrades bury the the signature Tom Scott sax-line Pete Rock poached into the fold as a riff. It's all about the big payoff after a percussion breakdown as the Heliocentrics flip the script to its original format and bring the sax-line back for a powerful outro. Stretch properly before listening, as that sax-line is known to break necks from excessive headnodding.