Nacho Picasso Delivers on AntiHero Vol. 1

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NIn some aspects, Nacho Picasso is the prototypical 2016 Hip-hop artist. A lead torchbearer of the burgeoning Seattle Hip-hop scene, Nacho embodies new age ethos. There’s his croaky, elastic delivery, that meanders in tone and flow depending on the sonic conceit he’s exploring (and there are a range of them). There’s his prolific catalog—and the myriad of vivid imagery that adorns its covers. That’s not to say he’s at all a beacon of comformity. At all.

Since 2011, Nacho’s led listeners on excursions through his world of questionable decisions, and dark humor colored with abstract diction and clever wordplay. The entire package makes him an intriguing listen. Nacho recently released AntiHero Vol. 1, a 9-track album that showcases just that with the help of Harry Fraud and Blvck Lagoon.

The two veteran producers did a strong job of balancing out the project with a range of sounds, while keeping the project’s dark, suspenseful sonic aesthetic in tow.

For his part, Nacho sets out to justify the album’s title with every bar–from the opening utterance of, “spiraling out of control like a Nerf ball” on “Lizard King.” He weaves nihilism-tinged narratives of copious drug use, banging a pigeon-toed girl (because she was pigeon-toed), and “druggie Kylie Jenners” on “Attack of The Titan.”

 Nacho is unapologetic about the glimpses of vulgarity he offers on the project, noting on the same track, “yeah I know I’m messed up. Diagnose me, I’mma let ya.” And we’ll be entertained while doing it.

You can stream AntiHero Vol. 1 below.