Peppermint Heaven – ‘Sunshine Days’ EP

Aidan Grant

L.A. duo bring summer vibes on new three-track EP

We’re firmly in the period of summer anthems filling our inbox, and nobody is managing the sound quite like U.S duo Peppermint Heaven. 


Decades of making music has given the L.A duo a relentless work ethic, and an understanding of precisely the kind of sound they love to make. Juno and Spark. have never hidden their passion for British Sounds, the pair met in Chiacgo and quickly bonded over their love for Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys and New Order. 

It wasn’t long before they picked up a synthesizer, and began experimenting with the kind of sounds that made them fall in love with music. They were soon hailed as one of the most authentic, modern takes on the definitive 80’s sound. They then began working with UK producers and remixers, where they were picked up by Clash Magazine as the very forefront of the marriage between US and UK underground scenes.

Now the duo are returning with a summer-ready, three-track EP ‘Sunshine Days’ – It’s a release that’s been inspired by the summer, travelling and music of the past. Listen in full below

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