Permanent Collection, No Void EP

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Permanent Collection

Last month, Permanent Collection presented itself anew, stripped to a three-piece, and equally shedding off b-sides and one-offs. The digital EP was a cleanse for Permanent Cs, making space on the hard drive and for the new lineup's horizon.

The No Void EP is Jason Hendardy leading bandmates Brendan Nerfa and Mike Stillman through the cantankerous dirge of iconic post-rock. The good stuff always seems to cut to the bleeding core of our crisis. Supplement the wailing boom for a somber composition and it's too much of a bummer, but utterly ruined among the aggitated cords of a Sonic Youthian framework leads us to a damn good battle cry if not absolute salvation. From opener “No Reality” to “Hanging Around”, there's a gallows' drag that might lead a body into oncoming traffic were it not for the scraping jet streams of riffs, the raucous percussion, and rapturous hints of melodic moments permitted among the idler's themes. Were it not for the impulses to bang one's head and be free, we could not recommend the No Void EP in good faith.

Permanent Collection's No Void EP 7″ is out September 10 on Loglady. Preorder now.