Shark?, “Roadrunner Roadrunner”

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Shark? are kicking out the friggin' jams on its inversion of “Roadrunner Roadrunner”. Greil Marcus once called The Modern Lovers track of the same name “the most obvious song in the world, and the strangest”. Well there's something obvious and anti-Richman-romanticism about Shark?'s version, as though they're angry as hell that the old boy would clean up the Velvet Underground's depraved tale of debauchery. High as a beam, as an angel or a cloud, Shark? sound like they spread a eigth of weed on the radiator of a pick-up and let the fumes seep in the carriage for a back roads romp at 100mph.

“Roadrunner Roadrunner” is the b-side to Shark?'s California Grrls cassingle for Old Flame.

Shark? completed their record, Savior, and it left them penniless. So if you catch a Shark? gig in the next 26 days buy them a beer or donate to the Brooklyn four-piece's PledgeMusic page. Much like the other websites aimed at start-kicking a project, Shark? offers varying degrees of gifts in exchange for your contribution. For example, donate $80 to get a Mitt Romney mask, for $75 Shark? will make you a pizza, for $300 Shark will write and record a song on the topic of your choosing. While on the more economical end, $50 gets you in the liner notes and a signed record or for $25 you get the album on vinyl.