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the multiple cat

As one of the primary founders of, Patrick Stolley has kept himself wildly busy over the past decade or so. In that time, he has been the recording engineer for such bands as Vampire Weekend, The Dirty Projectors, and Spoon in their Daytrotter sessions, which inevitably put his music project, The Multiple Cat, on hold. Since beginning the project in 1994, The Multiple Cat have released a variety of EPs and LPs over the past twenty years, but now you can stream the new record, entitled The Return of The Multiple Cat, below. As you might expect for someone who has spent years years in the studio with hundreds of bands of all genres, the record is riddled with a variety of influenes, from the sullen yet poppy to the large and rock-heavy. It's a good listen, regardless, and with a high production quality, and a mixture of tones to please, there is a little something for everybody.

The whole record is here, but you can pick it up through Guilt Ridden Pop at this link.