Tobacco, “Sweatmother”

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maniac meat

Do not think about the song title for too long, the mental images might take a turn for the Oedipal – or maybe that was just me. (shit.)

Tobacco headlined our final night of Imposition at SXSW, playing the only encore of our stint at Longbranch Inn. Listening to “Sweatmother” will provide a heavy dose of insight as to why attendees demanded more of the rawness. What's with this dude and sweat? Tobacco must want his listeners to drink eight gallons of green tea and fuck a mountain lion to his new record. It's titled Maniac Meat and with a first single called “Sweatmother,” well I just want to screw in strobe lights and lick cocaine off a desert eagle to this shit. Buzzsaw riffs caked in vinyl spin crunch and sweet nothings whispered below the squeal of synths make “Sweatmother” a perplexing single. What perverse impulses inspired this song title?

If the rest of Maniac Meat maintains the carnal bliss of “Sweatmother,” I think I just found my new favorite record to spin when my dominatrix comes over to whip my ass raw.

Maniac Meat is out May 25 on Anticon.

Tobacco, “Sweatmother”