VHVL, “0008”

Andre G

Harlem electronic producer VHVL recently delivered her EVN project, a 26 minute sonic sojourn released on Leaving Records. The first single from EVN is “0008,” an ethereal composition that transfixes as much as it just thumps at junctures.

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Starting off with solitary synths and a gnashing drum, “0008”gives off airs of an uptempo dance record before lush, ominous textures emerge. An almost gaseous effect immediately consumes the production while a lead melody slithers out of a sanguine synth.

The track masterfully manipulates soft, bright tones to craft a pensive work. The mood of the track feels like flying over an idyllic oasis—that’s uninhabitable because of nuclear waste.

EVN, available now (in a beautiful cassette case), is a fair showcase of VHVL’s skillset.“0008” is a particularly strong offering which proves her a burgeoning master of texture, weaving together atmospheric, methodical sounds that float above the sparse-yet-nifty drum work. And to think she surmised no one would care about it on Twitter.

EVN is available at the Stones Throw online store. You can stream “0008” below.

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