PAIDEIA, “Liaison” (Glassio Sleepmix)

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Paideia is the project of Charlie Mischer, who creates all the lyrics, instrumentation, performance, and arrangements of his music. He’s originally a trained musician specializing in jazz from Los Angeles, but he moved to New York to study music at NYU and hone his skills. His latest offering is a track called “Liaison”, which has been remixed by Glassio.

This track is full of life and energy, starting off low with some synth-y vibes, and slowly building up, vocals going from muffled to clear, as elements join in one by one, building the intensity and momentum of the piece. Paideia says that “Glassio have become two of my closest friends since we started writing together. We are thrilled to share the first of many collaborations to come including some exciting new songs in the near future.”

Well, we’re thrilled you shared this too.

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