Yola Fatoush, “Come Forward”

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Yola Fatoush

Tucked in as a soft center to Yola Fatoush's Up Out Of It LP is “Come Forward”. The track breaks the industrial tension of “I'm Chained” and the cyber-house glitchery of “Table of Sisterhood 1” with an overload of art-pop tropes cascading atop one another. For a record in which one could cite Gregorian Chant, Bollywood, and deep house as referenced genres, the cruise control of “Come Forward” is a hidden sugary morsel.

“Come Forward” stutters in as though it's squeezing in space for the piano, bird calls, and stammering chant sample, but with time opens up. The piano is granted enough space to show signs of being an instrument, rather than a sharp cut computer file and layers of synth develop in a crescendo of dream pop arpeggios. Yola Fatoush is guiding us on a journey through 80s signifiers as household as John Hughes films or Peter Gabriel and as audio nerdy as Balearic beat.

Yola Fatoush's Up Out Of It LP is out April 29 on Time No Place.