All Dogs Release Teaser For Upcoming Album, Kicking Every Day

Raz Robinson

all dogs kicking every day

If you’re paying attention, at some point in the near future someone is going to ask you if you’ve ever listened to All Dogs. You might say yes and well, that’s good, more than good; ideal. You might say no, which is without question a huge bummer. Still a handful of those no’s might feel a little half hearted because somewhere in the recesses of your mind you’ve heard that name, you know that band. One of your friends somewhere has to have that seven inch right?

On their last tour All Dogs played shows with Eskimeaux, Adult Mom, LVL Up, The Sidekicks and somewhere around that time managed to open for Waxahatchee. Beyond that, their song “Georgia” made it onto The Le Sigh Vol. II tape along with tracks from Girlpool, SALES, and Jawbreaker Reunion (just to name a few). “Georgia” is such a crooning machine of a song; The music is purposefully arranged and and heartfelt while lyrics like “I can’t be trusted/ you were so sweet/ You gave me flowers and I stomped them under my feet” are taciturnly conversational, embracing the unrest that comes with knowing you’ll hurt someone.

All Dogs has been low key looking you in the face for a while, but with no full length in tow they may have slipped under your radar. That’s all about to change with the release of their album Kicking Every Day, due out in August on Salinas Records. The album was recorded in Philadelphia by Kyle Gilbride, best known for his work in Swearin’ and for being not just a studio-less engineer, but a studio-less engineer who will go to your house to record your band.

All Dogs have just posted a short teaser for their upcoming album. It shows the band hanging out in Philadelphia, being mean to donuts, recording their record, and kickin’ it in what might be the Golden Tea house (RIP, *hand over heart, shedding a tear*), all over what appears to be the album’s title track. Check it out below.

Kicking Every Day is out August 28 on Salinas Records.

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