Dum Dum Girls, we barely knew you

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dum dum girls

God, you love Dum Dum Girls right now. And that's great, because what we need more of is hybrid buzz bands that could've been formulated in privately funded music blogotech research facilities. Sucks for Ms. Dee Dee Dum Dum; she probably made this summery stuff in a bedroom vacuum, not with her eye to any slobbering trend fiends.

But c'mon: Dum Dum Girls is the no-brainer Frankenstein wet dream Vivian Girls / Wavves combo pack, and presumably the girl behind Girls will get sucked into the same cycle as our other lo-fi beach-lovin' d.i.y.'sters who're bound to get sucked into the Black Lips garage rock vortex that'll be buried over by what's next. Sucks for all of them and their gorgeous, fuzzy, sometimes middling songs.

New Dum Dum Girls 12″! Pretty effing rad! Buy Yours Alone from Captured Tracks.

Dum Dum Girls, Catholicked