Impose Selectors podcast vol. VI

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Fortune Cookie Get Back to Work

We took Labor Day week off, cuz we're pro-unions and anti-work. But now it's back to the grind.

This week's podcast is less about work, and more about songs to help keep you productive. Because if there's one thing I can't stand it's someone lazier than me. So I filled it with some uptempo numbers that should help ease the pain of the daily rat race.

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download volume VI below, and
remember you can hear this podcast every Friday morning at 11AM on Viva Radio. You
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songs individually by clicking on them in the track listing. Now hit play and get your ass back to work.

Impose Selectors podcast vol. VI:

01 J. Cole, “Villematic”
02 Walsh, “Days of Thunder” + Impose Intro
03 Swedish House Mafia, “One”
04 Blackbird Blackbird, “Fade to White” Feat. Emily Reo
05 Zola Jesus, “Sea Talk”
06 Memoryhouse, “Lately” (Teengirl Fantasy Natural Mix)
07 Blissed Out, “Scarified”
08 Kim Ki O, “Zorla, Zorlar”
09 Segue I
10 Darlings, “Big Girl”
11 Boogie Boarder, “Bio Hassle”
12 Reading Rainbow, “Wasting Time”
13 The Intelligence, “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like”
14 Night Manager, “Blackout Sex”
15 Celebration, “What's This Magical”
16 Segue II
17 Jerry Weaver, “Mama Said That She Ain't Here”