Part Time, “Seashells”

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San Francisco favorites Part Time gave us a spin of the disco-harpsichord synth sleaze, “Seashell”, masterminded by David Speck, aka Davida Loca. Originally released on the Saturday Night cassette on Burger Records; Fuzz City Records has re-released the high seaward aesthetic discount-key pop with the b-side “She's My Lover”.

The dramatic opening lead in-build up is lead by the budget brand electric keys that are joined by the guitars melodic morning gargle. The lady of the night plays on the sand of Ocean Beach before making her way into the heart of the city.

“She's a friend of mine, the kind you find in the night”. Speck here renders the sound of a San Francisco bar crawl with keyboard dotted trails that mark the darkened SOMA one way streets into the backroom dance-a-thons at Delirium, stumbling on a starfish-blinded prowell for that Mrs. Wrong. The peak is the buried spoken word bit toward the end where David confesses his mystery madam to be his “lovely star.”

Part Time new single Seashells 7″ is available now from Fuzz City Records.