The last recorded G-Side song

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It was September that we said goodbye to Huntsville's G-Side. ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova parted ways to pursue solo careers, leaving their follow up to iSLAND unfinished and possibly becoming ST's full length debut. It was the end, but not the burial. As a purge before the new year, the group's former manager Codie Global put “Listen To My Demo” on Soundcloud, labeling it “G-Side's last recorded song”.

Produced by Block Beattaz, “Listen To My Demo” feels like a throwback from the vaults rather than the last piece of music the duo recorded together. The Block Beattaz are in their signature form of minor synths and patiently layered keys, while ST and Clova rhyme with the hunger of unsigned rappers, pushing past security in the lobbies of record labels. ST tracks his autobiography from lost scholarships that led back to trapping in the streets and part-time jobs that held him down while he chose rap as his career. While Clova, dedicates his verse to a young man that was murdered before he could leave town to begin his collegiate pursuits.