The Keepsies, Dumb Fun

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The Keepsies

Brooklyn indie-rock trio The Keepsies announced its debut 7-inch Dumb Fun on CWR Records. The band is a supergroup of sorts, sharing members with such notable acts as Fergus & Geronimo and Parquet Courts.

With odes to Bedford Avenue, stoop-sitting and Albert Camus, The Keepsies are about as Williamsburg as it gets. A bit of caprice goes a long way and then sometimes it even goes too far. But chalk it all up to a bit of dumb fun and once you're past the cheesy lyrics, the music isn't half bad. The Keepsies offer a surfy take on 60's and 70's rock tossed in with a bit of 50's doo wop to create a sound reminiscent of one of the Ramones' more ballady tracks.

The three song EP was recorded on an 8-track in the fall of 2011, and is finally being reissued on vinyl in preparation for a busy year. It's a limited edition, short-run pressing so you'll have to act quickly if you want to get a copy of this one on wax.

Dumb Fun is out this month on CWR Records.