Palehound, “Molly”

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Palehound, Molly, Dry Food

Palehound‘s 2013 Bent Nail EP whetted the world’s appetite for Ellen Kempner’s cozy songwriting, with enough lo-fi padding to make the debut record feel like a well-worn sweater. Over the past few years, Kempner has surrounded herself with talented musicians of a certain bent—she’s a member of the Exploding in Sound family and is currently roommates with Speedy Ortiz‘s Sadie Dupuis—and it shows on “Molly”.

“Molly”, the lead single from Palehound’s upcoming LP, Dry Food, tightens up Kempner’s sonic ideas, polishes the production, and adds seriously intricate musicianship. The single’s topsy-turvy instrumentals dance through pacey verses and a catchy hook, careening without missing a step for the full duration of the short track.

“I swear you better stick with me,” Kempner pleas, and you feel compelled to do so from her urgency and confidence, rather than confessional vulnerability. The calmly measured refrains of “Ooooh, selfish Molly” only add to the single’s backbone. Heading into the release of their new album, Palehound sound more mature, self-assured, and refined than ever.

Dry Food is out August 14 on Exploding in Sound.