Jonny Oso Curates a Incredible Pastel Voids Mix for Your Friday Night

Meredith Schneider

Known more for his frantically diverse break beat/electro/techno infused house sets, Jonny Oso is coming off of the celebration of his sophomore release, City Fresh. (Available now.) This Friday, Brooklyn producer/DJ Jonny Oso (AKA Patient) brings you a more chilled, spaced out brand of his eclectic selections from his home label Pastel Voids and far, far beyond. 



‘J.R. East’ – Neo Image
‘Bridgework’ – Bruce Trail
‘Industrial Kites’ – B.D.I.
‘Taxon’ – Davis
‘Assembly Line’ – Alex Harden
‘Navlab V’ – Arne Weinberg
‘Carmine’ – FIT SIEGEL
‘???’ – Jonny Oso
‘The One Two Checka’ -Jesse Perez
‘Up ‘Slammin’ Verse’ -DJ Zozi
‘Moodin’ – Hutton Drive
‘Pompano Acid’ -Person Of Interest
‘Dresses’ – Octo Octa
‘Changin’ -6th Borough Project
‘In The Evening There is Feeling’ -Jonas Palzer
‘Block Expand’ – Orthographic Figure
‘Jus Ed flp’ -Jus Ed

Pastel Voids is dedicated to the dispersion of informal music through de-centralized forms such as cassette tapes, CD-Rs and self-made promotional videos. We create and distribute releases that strive to situate the music in the time and circumstances in which they were made. The artwork that accompanies the tapes have an aesthetic that heavily rely on hand-made collages. The idea of collaging is not exclusive to the visual aspect of the label as we see collage as an integral part of contemporary music making. Source material has become more accessible and sub-cultural crossover a matter of fact. Sample libraries have replaced grooveboxes in terms of cost-effectiveness and Black Metal is no longer exclusive to the northern forests. Saturated colors are more provoking than Xerox labels. While keeping in mind the vast range of influences that we experience in RGB in rapid succession, we look to create sincere work that refuses to fall into nostalgia that isn’t ours and has respect for those who that nostalgia belongs to.

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