#LeBroning is making the world a better place

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While Vine is kept afloat mostly by a weird subset of aspiring actors and LA runoff, its true beauty is almost always found through the lens of a 16 year-old in the middle of a school day.

This past summer, we were gifted the inspiring trend of #posterizing and its cousin the #dunkcam. The results spoke to us on a variety of levels; it provided for those of us who may not be able to dunk on a regulation goal some hope, as well as satisfied our unquenchable thirst to see someone get punked. We need only look at the joy #posterizing brought to Buffalo Bills fans Nerf dunking on opposing fans in parking lots this season to understand its transformative power.

Life on Vine, as with most things these days, is temporary. One can hardly clear their morning bowels before a new trend has replaced yesterday’s, and so with #posterizing and #dunkcam essentially artifacts mired by broken hyperlinks, the teens have endowed us with a new trend: #LeBroning.

The NBA tests us with its “star treatment”. No player sends us to a boiling point quicker than LeBron James, the king of big buckets and bigger flops. The kids have taken notice, and they’re no longer padding around the basketball courts chanting “3…2…1…”, letting buzzer beater after buzzer beater float. They take to the school halls and the shopping malls, looking to brush shoulders with an innocent bystander, and then throw their arms up in disbelief as they crumple to the floor. It’s an enchanting moment of criticism from the youth. Laugh, take note, and feel relief that the future may not be as bleak as promised.