Danny Brown and Kitty at Irving Plaza

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On Wednesday May 7th, Danny Brown's first headlining tour (called “Old & Reckless Tour”) made its way to Irving Plaza in New York with opening act, Kitty. I was there to capture the show for Impose and write about how fucked up the crowd was towards the female rapper, Kitty.

It wasn't all nastiness though. It was a damn near perfect Danny Brown set. He came on early and played nearly straight throught for an hour. Whipping his hair around with Skywlkr cutting the music so the audience could shout lyrics at the top of their lungs which they did to every song. The audience threw punches, stripped their shirts of and slammed into each other and smoked openly with security eventually just giving up. There were people making out in the middle of the floor, there were girls shouting along to the nastiest of Danny Brown couplets.

Danny opened with “Jealousy,” the collaboration he did with The Purist, and it just took off from there. He dipped into his older catalog, previewed new material and played “the hits” from XXX. It didn't matter what was on deck, everyone knew every word. It was triumphant for a man who was booed on that same stage last year to return and just destroy the venue.

It felt like it was on the edge of chaos and could devolve at any minute but it never did and it was amazing to behold.

In 2013, rap moshpits are larger than punk moshpits.