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Cock & Swan, “PERG”

An impatient, elegant track by an avant-tape duo from Seattle.

The Problem With Kreezus

Why the Yeezus parody doesn’t deserve a spot on your holiday playlist.

Young Braised, “Sprained Ankle”

An exercise in free association with Canadian rapper Young Braised.

Never Sit Still: An Interview with Nils Frahm

Being in the moment with the Berlin-based composer of Spaces.

US Hard, “Work” (DJ Rafael Remix)

A deconstructed take on a skull-drilling original.

GRMLN, “Jaded” (Mister Lies remix)

Overwhelming nostalgia from Mister Lies’s D n’ B-infused rework of a pop-punk gem.

Princess Nokia, “Nokia”

Princess Nokia brings back early aughts girl power nostalgia in her video for “Nokia”.

From England to Iran: tracking TALA

England’s electronic enigma discusses her pleasure in averting classification.

Clark, Clark

Hypnotic, nightmare-meets-nighttime Euro-club from Clark’s seventh release.

Stream Night Riders’ Future Noir

The first gloomy full-length from brooding analog synth outfit from France.

Les Sins, “Talk About”

Impossibly catchy Euro-disco from Chaz Bundick’s club classic-influenced side project.

Jerome LOL, “All That I Am” (feat. Sara Z)

This one was record IRL.

Jake Hart, “That Touch”

Seductive in its simplicity, this is the new “magnetic minimalism.”

Future Islands, “Seasons (Waiting For You)” (DJ Dodger Stadium Remix)

DJ Dodger Stadium gives Future Islands the dramatic disco treatment.

The Third Man, “Red Boxing”

From the forthcoming Halocyan compilation, Universal Quantifier.

Clark, “The Grit In The Pearl”

Brand new neurotic, off-kilter club from Clark’s forthcoming LP.

Caribou, Our Love

Dan Snaith’s latest is consistent with its surprise turns, possibly more bold than ever before.

Dome of Doom, “DODMIX 002”

Hazy curation mix courtesy of the West Coast stoner.

Cubby, “Steady Now” (Karman remix)

Carnival creep vibes from Karman’s rework of the Cubby summer staple.


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