Abundance – PPP

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Listening to Abundance will be a head-turning experience for anyone expecting more of the same from PPP's debut. The first time around, the focus was heavily centered on Waajeed and Saadiq's production. Whereas the last album was all about PPP the duo, this album introduces you to PPP the band.

You can feel the difference right from the album's opening track: “Angel” damn near kicks you in the chest the moment the drums set the tone. Each song flows into the next like a mixtape and the stomping electro gospel of “Smoking Mirrors” makes for a great follow-up song. Meanwhile, “On A Cloud” is Motown 2009 with just enough throwback appeal to make your parents step in approval, but not without losing a present-day knock that makes this one head-nod essential.

The vocal collaborations are a huge strength to this full-length and a range of emotions are covered through the smoothness of Coultrain, the sweetness of Jamila Raegan, and the fiery audacity of Karma. Other noteworthy selections include “Pigeon Hole,” “American Pimp,” and “The Ghost of Aveiro.”