Album Review: Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue – S/T

Having achieved success with previous projects in Ghost Beach and TV/TV, Brooklyn-based artist Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn inhabited a style and persona purely his own for his next move. Undeniable grooves, sparkling synths and Mendelsohn’s distinct croon highlight the world of Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue who now share their debut, self-titled EP (buy/stream).

Across the short player’s five tracks, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue showcases a breadth in scope while still adhering to a central aesthetic, brilliantly weaving through tales centered on desire, lovelorn hopelessness and nights to never forget. In fact, the whole EP plays like a rollercoaster of a night in five parts.
“Pink Flamingos (Yours Truly)” kicks right out of the gate with Mendelsohn ready to be taken “where the lights hang low” as Prince-style, choppy guitars soundtrack a New York City shuffle to the bar, club, etc. The whole thing builds and swells to a brilliant breakdown transporting you to the next vibe.
If track one was the windswept thrill of stepping out, then “On A Night Like This” is that moment after the bouncer checks our ID, the door opens and you get love and disco balls in your eyes. The construction of the song gives off the impression of one’s heart slowly falling up through pink puffy clouds as whirring keys set the stage for PFFR to try and play it cool. “Never been the one to be so impressed but with you I’m obsessed.”
That said, Mendelsohn juxtaposes the music with his themes explaining, “‘On A Night Like This’ is either about coming to terms with the fact [that] the person you need, is not who you want …. or it’s about over-promising,”
“Something Special” works to correct that impulse as it, “explores the challenge of accepting help when it seems like the world is out to get you. It’s about a change in perspective. You might be overlooking the love and support you already have.”
With that introspection, why not give it one last go? The penultimate track and super smooth “Cocktails, Lies & Cheap Romance” arrives straight out of your favorite neon-tinged memories with glimmering synths and popping rhythms leading the way. Our maybe-not-so-humble protagonist tries to earn someone’s favor among several suitors, but the attempt leaves him feeling disingenuous and envious by the end.
So, “I Stand Corrected,” appropriately closes things out and the night out and PFFR has learned a valuable lesson in staying true to one’s self. Maybe instead of chasing love in the wrong places and ways, you arrive at something real and it feels better than anything else before. The exuberance in the music brings that all to the fore here as Mendelsohn closes, “‘I Stand Corrected’ is about idealizing new love. The magic of the moment where you think it just can’t get any better but it does.”
If you’re looking for a companion to your next night out, bad decisions, reconciliations or all three, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue’s great debut EP is down to ride. It’s available now, in full, via YouTooCanWoo.
Catch Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue’s EP release at Mercury Lounge on January 18th at Mercury Lounge in New York, NY