XAXO Talks New Video For “Park That Thang”, Really Love Their Dad

Brother duo XAXO – comprised of Dav and Johnny Julca – is a talented act that has been making music and working in the industry behind the scenes in places like Ohio, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, and Miami, and had them in the studio with talents such as Pitbull, Ricky Martin, and Jason Derulo, among others. They’ve decided to focus on their own music, and are prepping for their debut EP release Looking For Nothing, which is set to release this fall. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the fun new music video for “Park That Thang”, the first single off of that EP.

Despite the fact that “Park That Thang” is a smooth, sensual salute to infatuation, the video is actual a wonder in itself. Shot to resemble a 90s music video, the cartoon overlays make us the happiest. (All That, Anyone?) So, yes, it’s a very summertime video that presents visuals to go along with the plethora of double entendres in the song. We love that they took the literal sense of the lyric “park that thang like a pickup truck” and had one of the gorgeous ladies in the video trying to parallel park. (Next to a pretty stellar mural, might we add?)

Take this as your Throwback Thursday and run with it.


In honor of their new music video and upcoming EP release, we shot some questions at XAXO. They talk how their work crosses genres, the “Park That Thang” music video, and gush about their dad.

How has traveling all around the world shaped your music?

Dav: Traveling gives you perspective. It shaped my world view and inevitably it shaped our music. It gave me more tools and more ideas and more to hold on to. As a musician every time I learn a new technique on an instrument I quickly put it into a song. The same way every city and every new experience and every new relationship has a soundtrack to be composed.

How would you describe your music?

Dav: ElectronicRockFunkPopLatinPunk are prob the genres that we tap into most.

Where did the idea for the “Park that Thang” video come about?

Dav: It was directed by our good friend from Ohio Jared Rigsby and we prob went thru 20 different phone calls between Miami and Ohio till we narrowed it down. Johnny and I are constantly thinking of totally opposite ideas and I think Jared did a great job at mashing them together.

Who is your biggest idol and why?

Dav: I would have to say my dad. He’s kinda brilliant and he’s a dude who’s believes and knowledge match his actions. I think its easy to sound wise or sound loving but very hard to BE those things.

Johnny: Gonna have to agree on this one, our dad is pretty much the man, even above being a dad, he’s been such a friend to us and that counts for a lot.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Dav: As a band we’re gonna be releasing music none stop! In 5 years we’ll be making the best music we ever have!

Johnny: As a band we have big dreams, we will be enjoying the outcome of heavy and hard work…

What’s your favorite food and why?

Dav: Authentic Peruvian and Mexican yummm!!! If you’ve had it you know why!

Johnny: Same as Dav, peruvian and mexican are the top best… I am a sucker for nice burgers tho…

What’s up next for XAXO?

Dav: The Looking For Nothing EP is the beginning. We’re gonna be releasing music and videos and then hitting the road!

Johnny: The Road…

Look out for Looking For Nothing this fall via Space52, a new imprint under label Mishu Music.