Listen: Vampire Weekend cover bands… get used to it

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Flute synth, tucked in shirts, literary pretensions; this is not your average VW cover band. This is a band that's captured the same zeitgheisty hunger for The Refined Bourgeois Man, and it has something to do with bongos.

So, may we introduce… get ready… Princeton. They've been around as long as their towering contemporaries, so it would be unfair to say they've gone to great lengths to replicate the finest points of everyone's fav campus bangers. Thanks to Paperthinwalls for the heads up in an interview/article that managed to make it all the way to the second comment before dropping the V-bomb comparison. The track in question is about Virginia Woolf drowning herself and it's off an EP with tracks focusing on different members of London's Bloomsbury Group including one about the economist John Maynard Keynes.

Princeton, “The Waves”

[Download via Paperthinwalls]