Week in Pop: Donovan Blanc, False Priest, Old Smile, Pie Face Girls

Sjimon Gompers

Raleigh, NC's Pie Face Girls are one of the most phenomenal, counter-culture groups right now; press photo courtesy of the band.

Big Love

New York's own Big Love; press photo courtesy of the band.

New York’s own Big Love; press photo courtesy of the band.


New York’s Big Love share a listen to their new songs “New Car” & “Everywhere Girl” featured from the forthcoming album Wings It. Caleb Lewis along with William Smith (previously in Dumb Talk) offer up their latest power pop jams that include everything from songs about vehicles to romantic doting in just the expanse of two ear worms. The old modern pop song obsession with everything pertaining to the automobile resonates on “New Car” that offers up some of that laid back cruising on a sunny spring day type of feeling. With sentiment spilling out everywhere on both songs, “Everywhere Girl” keeps that infatuated energy humming with more chords that are full of all sorts of Valentine’s held-over from the shoe-boxes & scrapbooks of yesteryear, or from the lips of failed-flames of the past, where omnipresent objects of affection make for anthemic inspirations that make you fall in love all over again with Big Love.

Big Love provided insights about the making of the following:

“New Car”

“New Car” feels like a clean stroke of inspiration from being in love and seeing things in a new light. It was the first time I felt comfortable enough to mess around with annunciation and be a little more playful with the lyrics. It started with lyrics and a hook for the chorus. I would play it on a nylon string guitar in the bathroom every time I got stoned until I felt ready to record the song.

“Everywhere Girl”

“Everywhere Girl” came to life on a pretty strange evening. We were layering all of these weird keyboard phrases on the chorus until it became too blurry, and then we just let it sit for a while. A few weeks ago I cleaned it up and printed what feels like an accurate representation of the initial feeling.

“Wings It”

This album was made in a two bedroom apartment located in upstate New York. We started recording in the summer of 2016 and have just recently finished everything. The album was given that title as an expression of us taking our first shot at doing everything ourselves (recording, producing, and mastering).

We took a lot of influence from 60’s and 70’s singer/songwriter albums. The writing and instrument tracking was split between myself (will) and Caleb (guitar/vocals) with the exception of our friend Ian coming in to record drums.

Wings It will be out on March 31 with or without a label behind it. We will be playing shows in New York for the foreseeable future.

24 Quinn’s – Beacon, NY
25 Snugg’s – New Paltz, NY

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