Week in Pop: Gary’s House, Keith More-Fire, Tee Vee

Sjimon Gompers

An exclusive interview & debut from Keith More-Fire, oka Brian Kennedy; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Indian Wells

cover art from Indian Wells’ new “Cascades” single from Friends Of Friends.


We bring you a listen to Indian Wells’ new single available now from Friends Of Friends with “Cascades” that offers up an array of cascading keys & catchy rhythmic components that are guaranteed to get your entire being moving wherever you might be. “Cascades” moves with a kind of understated swiftness that slowly comes into it’s own realized form of being from the very get-go. “Cascades” offers up harmonic synths & ambient bass progressions that are built around vocal cuts that keep the entire track spiraling around it’s own axis of revolution.

Every key shines as if it was an LED light from an entanglement of xmas lights shining forth holiday lights for an entire world beaten down by the circumstances of the daily grind. The keys & beats beacon forth a sign of greatness to arrive, an expression of hope for the hopeless where the our most primal & protective fears are covered with an electric feeling of a digitized shield that fends off all offensive forces while keeping sights set on brighter eras that are possibly up ahead. Indian Wells’ offered up the following exclusive introduction about the inspirations behind the new single with the following:

This track was influenced by a little show on Italian television in the 80s, called “Intervallo” when I was a child, and particularly the music of this show, that was “Toccata in La Maggiore per Arpa” from Pietro Domenico Paradisi, an Italian classical composer. This composition remind me cascading colors and sounds and my childhood.

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