Week in Pop: Gary’s House, Keith More-Fire, Tee Vee

Sjimon Gompers

An exclusive interview & debut from Keith More-Fire, oka Brian Kennedy; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Web of Sunsets

Web of Sunsets return; press photo courtesy of the band.

Portland by Minneapolis cult pop phenomenon Web of Sunsets returned with their new album Chaos Waltz available via cassette from Moon Glyph that is the latest chapter from the mythic group of Americana visionaries. Connected to the DIY pop group Candace (fka Is/Is), Sara Bischoff, Sarah Nienaber & Chris Rose continue to emphasize that bridge of friendship & the creative connections that extends between the Pacific northwest & the midwest that presents the latest Vitamin D saturated album that you will want played on repeat for an eternity,

Chaos Waltz begins with a hazy duet that sounds like a road rambler’s hymn to help see them through one payload to the next until they strike that mythic mother lodes when those alleged ships of fortune will sail in to ratify all unrest with new sets of complications. Once again, Web of Sunsets take us to enchanted places hosted by our own imagination & triggered by the band’s smoky signature sounds. “Crimson” keeps their reverence to the church of Nancy & Lee strong with modern western swagger that rolls right into the ethereal sanctuary of morning risers on “Light Again”, keeping their nu-folk-psych-pop bursting through with a trippy kind of alt. country brilliance that is worthy of the entire’s world’s ear.

“What Break” catapults the album into the outer reaches of holistic happenings & reflective moments & pauses that open up like a vine-arched gateway into a secret garden like the escapist enchantment of “Trip”. The following “Downtown” is a lullaby gem of perfect duet pop that should be played for thousands of generations to follow to help assuage all with the clash of electric lit luminescence against the backdrop of night. And before you know it “Jacket” shoots from the hip like a showdown ballad sung in a huge blockbuster film production about dueling derelicts styled in whatever is chic at Portland’s the Red Light Clothing Exchange at the moment. “Silver Bay” serves up what is practically a damn near a spot-on Mazzy Star (RIP Keith Mitchell) facsimile right as Web of Sunsets bust out the treated-keys & chords for a haunted experience where the arrangement spins around the audience like a benign pack of friendly ghosts.

Sarah, Sara & Chris provided the following introductory preface for Chaos Waltz:

“Chaos Waltz” is kind of its own planet with three suns. Due to life and circumstance, each of us wrote songs on our own for this album without spending much time together. It made for an unusual process—coming together after a long period apart and quickly learning one another’s songs in the span of three days; we recorded immediately after, tracking nine songs during a weekend at Jackpot! in Portland, OR. In that way, this album feels very different from our other releases. There was no time to dwell so there’s an immediacy and honesty in this one that’s specific to it.

Web of Sunsets new album Chaos Waltz is available on cassette now from Moon Glyph.

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