Week in Pop: Ess Ford, Janice, Terri Terri

Sjimon Gompers

Celebrating Stockholm pop icon Janice; press photo courtesy of the artist.


The future r&b world of Janice; press photo courtesy of the artist.


With the arrival of 2018, our global collective conscious turns our respective attentions to the artists that are reshaping how we hear, see, feel & understand the world. Exemplifying this push toward new futuristic styles & expressions is Janice from Stockholm, Sweden who re-wires the popular tropes higher & higher toward a new sense of maximalism. With news of the upcoming album Fallin’ Up available February 2, the anticipation has been heard by way via the recent sophisti-pop wonder & power of “Answer” that operates as a high-flying chic-beat bouquet of rhythms full of inquiries & revelations alike. Presenting now the world premiere of an acoustic rendering of “Queen”, Janice paints with piano keys & untouched vocals a plethora of regal feelings that exhibit an unlimited omnipotence of a fresh new pop-monarchy that is built of the artist’s own designs & determinations.

Janice draws a portrait of everything she wants to be, where “Queen” exalts the magnificent power of the self with the nod to the special person that brings out this aspect of life affirming identity. An ode to the agents & offstage individuals that offer an invaluable amount of encouragement & empowerment; these components of confidence are collected together in a stirring rain of keys that are executed in an outpouring sense of nearly overwhelming emotions. Janice reflects on the worst times to those sublime saviors that emerge from the wings of life that lift us up to those places where doves & eagles soar—those places where we feel we belong in the world & in our own lives. Claiming the crown and the power to be able to do anything she desires; Janice updates the Chaka Khan/Whitney Houston “I’m Every Woman” message for 2018 to inspire all femme & non-binary artists to truly be everything that they desire to be. As the acoustic keys rise up in an emotive apex of unbound inspirations, Janice’s verses & chorus become louder & clearer as “Queen” shines like a light to illuminate & inspire the hearts & minds of all.

Janice shared the following exclusive thoughts about the new sew single “Queen” along with insights about the album Fallin’ Up:

I wanted to write about that person that makes me want to be the best version of myself, despite all my bad habits and what I’ve been through. It’s for me and all the women, for us to never settle for less to be everything we wanna be. Things happen and it doesn’t have to define you, it doesn’t have to change you.

Insights from Janice; press photo courtesy of the artist.

The tracks for Fallin Up are stories taken out of my day-to-day life and thoughts from my heart and mind. Things that have affected me in some way throughout out the years and some things are a bit twisted with fiction. I’ve always found it easier to communicate my feelings through music and in this process I’ve really felt the healing power of it. I was inspired by the sounds of Solange, Banks and Matt Corby while making this album.

Janice’s cover for the upcoming Fallin’ Up EP; courtesy of the artist.

Janice’s Fallin’ Up album will be available February 2. Listen to more from Janice via Spotify.

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