Week in Pop: Ess Ford, Janice, Terri Terri

Sjimon Gompers

Celebrating Stockholm pop icon Janice; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Terri Terri

Terri Terri, aka Mark Noseworthy; photographed by Brittany Bogan.


Terri Terri, oka Brooklyn-based artist Mark Noseworthy, presents a world premiere listen to the single “Love Inside The Mind” featured off the forthcoming February 6 slated self-titled for Temper Records. Known for contributing guitar-work for Albert Hammond Jr., Edward Sharpe & more; Mark follows up the recent Terri Terri single “Attention” with further inward feelings & fascinations that exhibits the psychic kind of connections that affects both of the involved amorous parties. Guitars are the guiding light of expression & structural arrangements as Noseworthy employs a creative pop expressionism to convey a unique style of ESP cold through pronounced progressions & evocative effects to underline unconventional means of connective communication.

“Love Inside the Mind” is Terri Terri’s electrified odyssey that explores the evolution of amour’s reaches from the principle point of the psychological that develops deep into the somatic state. Mark does a deep dive into the catalogs of underground pop tropes established by the talents of the twentieth century for a post-modern rearrangement & rendition of fuzzy chords that are completed in an aesthetic cornucopia of cryptic execution. From big bold hooks that contain call & response licks & hand-claps; Mark Noseworthy establishes a rudimentary foundation that further expresses the mysterious ways of meditative, reciprocated affection through an assemblage of mystic additions & effects. The Terri Terri musical outfit explores the nearly inexplicable role of dopamine neurotransmitters through fields of musical discourse that underscores the level of mental/psychosomatic/spiritual bonds shared in the most intuitive relationships. “Love Inside the Mind” investigates these processes that are almost beyond our comprehension that cater to the connective tissue that both brings us together—as well as tears us apart.

Don’t miss the previous Terri Terri single “Attention” that moves in motorik rhythm & blues fashions that buzz in a manner of cool * collected dance-floor motions. Mark introduced the track with the following insights:

“Attention” is the first song I recorded for the record. I kept it raw on an 8-track tape machine. I really like keeping the creative process limited and to the point.

Terri Terri’s self-titled will be available February 6 via Temper Records.

Listen to more from Terri Terri via Spotify & Soundcloud.

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