Week in Pop: Ess Ford, Janice, Terri Terri

Sjimon Gompers

Celebrating Stockholm pop icon Janice; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Week in Pop

Exclusive thoughts from Dream Wife; photographed by Hollie Fernando.


Iceland by London’s Dream Wife present a look at the Mason London animated video for “Hey Heartbreaker” where the band is represented as cartoon androids performing in a laser cage, featured off their self-titled debut album available January 26 through Lucky Number. As the action of the song grows more & more intense, so do the visuals from bar-brawling-bust-ups to outrunning the fuzz on a speeder-bikes through a futuristic metropolis.

Helping us all celebrate National Bird Day, Conner Youngblood presents the beautiful visuals for “Songscape: Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge” that pays a testimonial to the habitat through evocative expressions of song. Seen exploring one of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s precious natural resources; Conner delivers a song full of heart & connection to earth, water & inhabitants that will sing to your heart.

Philly’s Corey Flood sent out word of the forthcoming debut EP Wish You Hadn’t available February 23 via Fire Talk & delivered a listen to mood measuring single “Feel Okay”. The oscillations between the feels of okay and otherwise are expressed in a sinewy & smoky arrangement that hinges upon dissonant rhythms that drives the track toward elevated & elated sentiments of sound.

Matthewdavid, oka Matthew McQueen is prepping an assemblage of beats for the upcoming Time Flying Beats release available January 19 via their illustrious LEAVING Records imprint. To kick the new year off on the proper foot, get a load of the deluxe beat-boutique of unbridled botanical essences via “Time Flying” that will have your body’s cells & senses soaring to higher levels of consciousness.

Chicago’s Lil Durk presented a look at the JerryPHD video for “India” that sends up a romantic dedication to significant other India Royale that bounces between the studio & intimate interludes shared with the track’s namesake. Durk’s heartfelt testimonial finds the melodic emcee meditating on the love of their life over a piano adorned beat that reiterates the hook of she’s so different, she’s so different…

As we awake to the new year of 2018, bask in the gentle strums provided by Ethan Buckner, oka The Minnesota Child, with the warm wintry glow of “Fireflies”. The guitar strings & delivery elevate a host of evocative sentiments upward toward the skies at night that offers a sense of hope & direction for the hopeless & derelict at heart.

Toronto’s Beams presents a listen to the new single “You Are An Ocean” featured off their upcoming follow up to Teach Me To Love. Leader Anna Mernieks brings meditations of we are one to the table with elements that expand like bodies of water that reflects upon our own connective & extensive natures of being. Look for the band on tour soon.

Tango With Lions delivered a listen to the expressive & urgent single “Proof Of Desire” featured off the upcoming album The Light available January 19 from Inner Ear Records. Kat Papachristou moves the narrative from the subtle chord strums and outward to the greater expanses of universal energy that is both mesmerizing & haunting like the winds & fog that populate the winter atmosphere.

With the new album Crooked Numbers available January 12 via Swoon Records; Unlikely Friends present us with a listen to the single “King of the Last Calls” that raises a toast to closing up all the honky-tonks anywhere & everywhere. D. Crane (of BOAT) along with Math and Physics Club’s Charles Bert bring odes to happiness that extends well beyond the values of going to bed early that is further elevated with an assist from producer Jackson Justice Long.

In further Graveface news, Bummerville announced the new album Bottom Feeder available January 26 & delivered a listen to the chord-ripping new single “Time That it Takes”. The hum-drum of ennui is overturned with an electric item of unbound entertainment that clocks in at a cool minute & 45 seconds that sends out a blast of everything that you already love & adore about the r & r form.

London’s own L.A. Salami sent along news of the upcoming sophomore album The City Of Bootmakers available April 12 via Sunday Best Recordings with a look at the vintage dance-floor visual capture for “Generation L(ost)”. Prepping for a massive world tour, L.A. Salami exhibits some appropriate & inspirational body moving ballroom movies that brings their Robbie Moore recorded sounds (originally made in Berlin) to new realized realms of unbridled life in motion.

Jesse Carzello of Free Moral Agents is part of Bobby Blunders who offers up a viewing of the “Quick to Learn” video from Vice Cooler that stars Jeremy Ivor Davy and features styling from Tiffany Davy & Sarah Elise Abramson. Take a ride with a motley crew of cool folks around Los Angeles in a throwback station wagon while you are moved by their sound the symbolizes the motion & musical movments held-over from the twentieth century era.

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